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We often get asked "How does it work?" All work is done on an hourly basis. We don't do estimates or give quotes on any restoration work. Our hourly rates are $48/HR. We log hours daily as we work on each project. We invoice weekly from the logged hours. Non-local customers are billed through Intuit billing services and sent through e-mail. From the e-mail you can go to Intuits secure webpage which accepts all major credit cards.  We encourage our customers to visit often but if time or distance doesn't permit, we keep them updated through e-mail, phone and post progress pictures on this website. We also prefer the customer to let us do all parts purchasing. This helps us in having the parts here on site as we need them and helps the customer in a way that they don't have be involved in any problems that may come up with the replacement parts such as returns or adjustments. We have our preferred vendors that we have learned to trust with quality parts that can be installed with less fit time than maybe other vendors have. Although the cost may in some cases be a bit more, the money saved in labor time more than makes up the difference.